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Steve Jobs Not Going To Macworld, Apple’s Last Year

Just about every major news outlet is reporting that Steve Jobs will not be speaking at the Macworld Keynote in January. Apple has also gone on record to state that 2009 will be the last year it will present at Macworld. Huge news; so huge that Apple’s stock is taking a huge beating while rumors of Jobs’ health swirl about. ...

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Meet Sirius XM Radio Incorporated

With all that FCC brouhaha out of the way, XM and Sirius were able to move forward with their plans for a merger. Announced today, the new name of the combined companies will be Sirius XM Radio Inc. Boring as hell, right? No matter. There’s some major firepower behind this new company. It’ll be “the second largest radio company based ...

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Steve Jobs Finally Speaks

After pissing off investors, causing Apple stock to fall and acting shadier than Mickey Rourke after posting bail, Steve Jobs has finally spoken on the issue of his personal health. He claims he is fine and doesn’t have cancer and that everyone should mind they’re fucking business, essentially. This lets everyone breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that Apple’s famous ...

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Steve Jobs Health Still In Question

Investors won’t buy your stock if they think your CEO is going to croak the following year. After the WWDC conference in June, Apple reps blamed Jobs’ more than unusual thin build on an unspecified illness that required antibiotic treatment. Despite repeated requests, company officials are not commenting on the status of Jobs’ ailment. Jobs is a survivor of pancreatic ...

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Robotic Salaryman Crawls Up Corporate Ladder

For those not familiar with the term “salaryman,” it’s the Japanese term for male office workers who bend over backwards for their job and work overtime on a daily basis. After this, they crawl their way home on all fours, bickering about how much they hate their own lives. Artist Momoyo Torimitsu, in an effort to address the issue of ...

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