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Hello Kitty Meets Star Wars in Sticker Form

They couldn’t come from more opposite worlds. The cutesy glit-and-glam of the ultra-girly universe of Hello Kitty and the science-fictiony universe of� Star Wars. What draws them closer together is the obsessive nature of their biggest fans. If you happen to be a fan of both Hello Kitty and Star Wars (we realize that people who enjoy both are few ...

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“Electronic Chaos” Vinyl Wall Stickers Add Atmosphere of Production

I love the idea of creating a chaotic assembly line of power on a plain white wall. The “Electronic Chaos” vinyl wall stickers are a gorgeous addition for the wall behind the gadgets. Designed by Julia Wolf and created by Diz Decor, “Electronic Chaos” illustrates the connection of energy between all of your electronics. More chaos after the leap.

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iPhone Cell Stickies Help Glorify Your Existence

We already know we are the greatest human beings in the universe, but it would be nice to hear it from other people too. The problem is that we don’t hear anything even close to that claim from our friends or even our own mothers.� So why not get a little help at proving what we already know to be ...

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Fuel Cell Stickers, No Outlet Required

Can you imagine charging your cellphone without plugging it into an outlet? No, I’m not talking about those plug and charge kits you can purchase for select phones, I’m talking about fuel cell stickers. Just slap ’em on the back of your phone and considered it charged. The Swedish-based company myFC is trying to expedite the act of charging cellphones ...

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Unleash The Charitable Gamer Inside Of You

What better time to buy a Nintendo DS than on September 29th. Firstly, you’re getting a kick ass handheld gaming system. Second, $5 dollars of your purchase will go to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation and aid in the fight against breast cancer. So, you can play your new found Nintendo DS and feel good doing it, ...

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Super Mario Bros. Wall Decals

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’re bound to fall in love with these wall decals from Bilk. Splat ’em on your wall and you’ll have a retro 8-bit Nintendo scene re-enacted right in front of you. You’ll find a Donkey Kong sticker pack in addition to both the original SMB and an “updated” SMB set. They all look ...

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