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Racial Stereotyping Made Easy

Thanks to OKCupid and their massive database of dating profiles, racial stereotyping just got a whole lot easier. Dating and social networking site OKCupid took data from 526,000 user profiles to create a description of racial likes. They’ve also accumulated a few awesome stereotypes of their own, including facts like white woman show off their eyes (mascara is high in ...

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WTF?! Gadget of The Day: Weener Kleener, soap for the penis

Uhh, it’s soap, made for the penis. One size fits most men. This of course includes most of Africa, and some of Asia. Stereotypes are funny. I’m gonna go ahead and file this under Home Entertainment. Check out the warning on the bottom of the packaging. CAUTION: If Weener Kleener ever becomes stuck, soak area with COLD water. I don’t ...

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