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Star Trek Tricorder Replica

Forget Mike, I wanna be like Spock. And this Star Trek Tricorder replica gives me that extra step towards my goal. Now all I need are a pair of those pointy ears. Does are Earth really contain intelligent lifeforms? I’ll let you know once ThinkGeek gets this shipped out to me. Link

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Retro Star Trek iPhone Case

If you’ve been following Starfleet for decades, chances are that you prefer the old, Shatner stuff to all of this Next Generation crappola. And that’s totally fair. We hear ya! This retro Star Trek iPhone case honors the olden days of the Star Trek from yore. Emblazoned in what we like to call “Captain Kirk Gold” colored felt, the two ...

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Handmade Star Trek Starfleet Toddler Uniform

Insanely awesome Craftster user Rinnial handmade this insanely awesome Starfleet uniform (circa 2366-2372 class A uniform) for her toddler daughter to wear this Halloween. My kid would be wearing this all year round, whether they liked it or not. I’m the parent, I know best, now shut up and let the Tribble out for a walk before it shits all ...

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