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Star Wars: A New Hope as Told Through Facebook

We’ve explored earth-shattering historical events and life-changing religions through the eyes of Facebook, but our true holy land lays within the vision of George Lucas. Dorkly takes a look at Episode IV in their Facebook storytelling rendition of Star Wars: A New Hope. And for those of you who think that the reason Chewbacca didn’t get his medal at the ...

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How To Turn a Trashcan Into a Stormtrooper Helmet

This week in cheap Stormtrooper costume ideas, we examine Jason’s Stormtrooper trash bin helmet, an idea he was forced to employ after a student of� his promised to lend him a costume for a school event, yet failed to deliver. In a blind panic, Jason grabbed the closest object within arm’s reach and improvised. Here is what you’ll need according ...

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R2-D2 Swimsuit: Tanning on Tatooine

Nothing gets me more worked up than a woman in Star Wars-themed apparel. I don’t care whether it’s a full-bodied Stormtrooper costume or this R2-D2 Swimsuit. If she’s wearing it, I’m drooling. This one-piece swimsuit is modest enough for even the most conservative women, but geeky enough to keep me completely interested. James Lillis designed this R2-D2 Swimsuit, which is ...

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You in Carbonite: Custom Carbonite Sculptures

While Han might have shot first, he certainly didn’t pull off a miracle to keep himself carbonite-free. The Han Solo in Carbonite image has become one of the many iconic images from the Star Wars films. And now, you can be a part of it. Designer Paul Pape creates custom made-to-order Carbonite sculptures, replacing Han Solo with a custom model ...

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Sexy Star Wars Costumes: Chewbacca is Such a Bad Girl

I can fall in love with any girl that has a grasp of Star Wars trivia. It’s a weakness of mine. Unfortunately (but fortunately for her), this model is not one of those woman. For one, Darth Vader never, ever would be caught dead using a blaster. And what the hell is that disgustingly smooth, hairless and perfectly tanned stuff ...

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