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The Swiss Army Knife of Staplers

Perhaps one of the ugliest gadgets we’ve ever seen, at one time this was probably very useful. But now it has fallen into the bowels of obsolescence. With paper on its way out and desktop calculators way beyond their prime years, this tool might still be of some use to third world countries, but in the Western world, this would ...

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Stationoli: The all stationary-in-one gadget

Stationary products are generally small and easy to lose. In fact, I have no idea where the hell my staple removers are right now. That’s right. Removers. Plural, bitches. Maybe if we had learned about something like the Stationoli earlier, we wouldn’t be in the pickle we are now, with many staples in need of removing. The Stationoli provides a ...

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USB Tape Dispenser: Umm…OK?

We’ve seen some useless USB hubs in our day, but this just takes the cake whole bakery. The USB Tape Dispenser is, well, a Tape Dispenser with a few extra USB ports added on. Just wait until poor, old Milton from Office Space gets his hands on this. He’ll forget all about his stapler. The USB Tape Dispenser comes with ...

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