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Standby: Table and Wheelbarrow

If you garden, work outdoors or have a workshop, Standby could become the biggest lifesaver you’ve ever encountered. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary table. If you look closer though, you’ll notice the wheel and handlebars attached to the table. This allows you to easily transport the table around your work area as needed. It’s so simple that ...

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Philips [email protected] phone gives you 30 days of standby and 8.5 hrs of talking

  Philips is relatively unsuccessful in the cellphone market, seriously they are even less popular than the good o’BenQ-Siemens. Today they announced an addition to their Xenium series, with a funky number [email protected] If you rememberthe [email protected]  that was out a long while ago, this would be the follow-up, with markedly improved design and thickness (100.7x44x15.7mm, 77g). The [email protected] is ...

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