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Chopsticks Plus One and Two Concept Merges Japanese and American Customs

I’m always sort of embarrassed asking for chopsticks when I’m at a Japanese restaurant. I can almost hear the server’s thoughts: “Stupid fucking Americans, shitting all over our customs.” Though I’d hear something more like “Ayaaaa ching chong hiiiih arigato Mr. Roboto.” And in a way, we really are shitting all over their customs. And this Chopsticks Plus One and ...

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Zing = Instant Foodfight

Growing up, Ryan and I attended a pretty decent upper-middle class high school in New Jersey. We got in plenty of trouble and did a lot of bad shit, but one thing that never happened on a full-scale operation was the food fight. If we had used Zing spoons instead of shitty plastic sporks and other utensils, we’d have probably ...

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New Yogurt Spoon Catches The Spoonful That Got Away

It was a fine spring day and I remember it well. I saw the last spoonful of yogurt I would ever love, and I let it slip away. My spoon just couldn’t reach to the lower corner of the container! I don’t think I can ever forgive myself for letting it go. If only I had known about the New ...

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Spoon With Built-In Scale Is A Great Gift For Your Local Drug Dealer

Those clumsy scales your drug dealer uses to measure out your share of the cocaine is not as easy to use as it appears. It’s years of drug dealing experience that have led to his expert use. If you feel the need to get your local drug dealer something they will actually use, and not snort away, but can’t afford ...

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