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Google’s Chrome Comics Get Spoofed

The Internet is a funny place. When a company as powerful as Google has a premature announcement of its latest web browser due to a leaked comic it made describing the process that Google engineers undergo during production, you know internet-dwellers are going to take advantage. Users at YayHooray went to town on some of these strips, bringing hilarity you’d ...

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BREAKING: Sony PS3 Firmaware list is a fake!

We were all pretty excited yesterday to find a supposed “leak” of the PS3 2.0.0 Firmware update list. Our excitement was squelched even faster than it arrived. Forum user and supposed leaker, Leah, confirmed today that the PS3 leak post from yesterday was a spoof from some unknown bastardly source. Is their conspiracy in the air? That list seemed way ...

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First ZunePhone commercial released!

[ev type=”youtube” data=”zPFu9ezddyk”][/ev] For only $9, the ZunePhone can be yours! It’s INCREDIBLE! And don’t forget about Microsoft Paint! Steve Ballmer’s excited, so we’re excited! AHHHHHHHH! Too bad its a spoof. We’d so shell out the nine bucks. Will the ZunePhone ever be a reality? Sure, right after the iPhone becomes established enough for the ZunePhone to be a failure. ...

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