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Replica Captain Kirk Chair

Has the new Star Trek movie got you all excited as of late? Support the economy by dropping a whopping $2200 on this replica Captain Kirk chair, complete with buttons on the armrest. True to the original, this captain’s throne is meant for only the true Trekkie who can really appreciate the finer details in life. Just don’t expect to ...

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Starcraft II Valentine’s Day Cards

Want to impress that special gamer in your life? Show your significant other you care with these awesome-looking Starcraft II Valentine’s Day cards. There are high-resolution versions on Kotaku’s website in case you want to actually print one out to give to someone. I’m not sure how that’d go but if they play World of Warcraft, I’m pretty sure they’ll ...

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Pet Peek Gives Your Dog A Spaceship Style Window

When my pet used to jerk around in his sleep, I always wondered whether pets had the same types of dreams and aspirations as humans. Maybe dreams about space exploration? If our mutt’s dream of astronautical ventures, the only proper thing for us as their human masters to do, is to cater to those needs with the Pet Peek. The ...

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