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Retro gamer belt buckles

Productdose has put together a cool little collection of retro gamer themed belt buckles which we would be honored to sport on our waists. Included are Pac-Man, Mario, Atari, and Space Invaders, plus a few more. Our favorites are pictured here, but we are in love with all of them so we recommend checking out the whole bunch.

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Space Invaders are closer than they appear (or so satellite images suggest)

Google Maps always turns up some interesting images. Whoever made this Space Invaders ode is our new personal hero, but has entirely too much time on their hands. On second thought, this image might of been taken by an airplane, as a commenter on Wonderland suggest, because of its higher resolution. From a satellite image it’s more likely that the ...

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Space Invaders are here…to warm your neck

The chill of winter is in the air and all of us gearheads need to be warm just like our fellow mortals. Sure…many of us spend most season’s inside on our computers anyway, but what about those dreaded trips to the outside? It’s a cold and dark place out there, man! So, if you wanna venture outside into the abyss, ...

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