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A Pop-Up Book For Your Home

Pop-up books used to make me so excited when I was a kid. Hell, they still do! There’s just something about the magic of pop-up books that captures your imagination. The Space Book is the same sort of imagination grabber, but made for your interior design. Each page of the over-sized Space Book features a fanatical set of furniture and ...

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Stellar Movement Time-Lapse Shows The Beautiful Path Of The Stars

Ever wish you could stare up at the sky and see the stars move, without having to track one specific star for hours on end? This excellent time-lapse photo shows the movements of the stars through a full night, and we don’t mean in some artsy-fartsy design sort of way. The finished product looks like a tunnel or worm hole ...

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It’s raining Samsung phones in Second Life

As if you are not sick of Samsung’s propaganda in real life yet, the company is opening an island on the online virtual space Second Life to promote their phones. And since Samsung was trying to tell us how thin those phones they developed with Softbank were, they got this phone-raining effect on. If you would like to use these ...

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