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Take a Tour of the International Space Station

Best0fScience produced this amazing video tour of the entire piss-drinking International Space Station, detailing all of the nooks and nodes of the most diplomatic spacecraft in the known universe. This thing is huge, much bigger and windier than I had ever anticipated. Be warned that the multi-dimensional construction of the ISS leads to some serious nausea-inducing moments, complete with handheld ...

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Get Your Mits On A Laptop Bag From Space

It’s no Starship Enterprise souvenir, but the ISS Soyuz Laptop Bag is a pretty decent alternative. The bag is constructed with pieces of the landing parachute from the 2004 Soyuz TMA-3 mission to the International Space Station, meaning this is the Real McCoy. The hot shit. A bag your fancy portable computer can fit in. There’s also a small case ...

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