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Unevenly Distributed: Why CES Is Hell

During next week's CES, you'll rarely hear a single word about why you should really care about the devices debuting there... but is that really so surprising when even the electronics makers at CES can't answer as simple a question as why their gadgets matter?

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Turn Your iPhone 4 Into a Sony Walkman

Are you already missing the Walkman since Sony’s announcement of its official retirement this week? You’re not alone. It gets better. One day, the Walkman will truly be remembered as the first true portable media player, and the most recent renditions will be forgotten. Lucky for us, we already know the truth, which is how we can get a head ...

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16 MP Cellphone Cameras Coming Soon

Typically, smartphone cellphone camera’s megapixel sensors range from somewhere between 5 MP to 8 MP, which is fine for most people, but is a burden for photographers who want to have one device to rule them all. Sony recently unveiled a 16.41 MP camera sensor designed for cellphones, the .58 inch back-illuminated Exmor R IMX081PQ CMOS sensor. The new camera ...

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