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Brainwave Sofa Carved Straight From Your Thoughts

Lucas Maassen and Dries Verbruggen had a crazy idea. Not only did they have a crazy idea, but they acted on that very oddity. And that’s how you get things done, no matter how nutso the concept might seem. This proof-of-concept Brainwave Sofa device takes raw EEG data and creates a piece of furniture based on your very thoughts. The ...

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Cool Couch Transforms Into Bunk Beds

Transformers, couches in disguise. Doesn’t exactly have the ring to it as the original. Despite its lack of animated badness, this Sofa Bunk Bed transforms from a big, comfy couch, into a big, comfy set of bunk beds. Sure, bunk beds might look pretty awkward in the middle of your living room, but design might have to suffer in the ...

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The Mac II Sofa

In honor of the old Mouse Pad Sofa, this Mac II sofa looks mighty uncomfortable. We doubt this couch was made for sitting anyway. Constructed using 20 Mac II computers, this couch is up for sale in Maryland Heights, Missouri. If you add together the prices for 20 Mac II top of the line PC’s, this thing could fetch for ...

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