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Dragon Made Out of Soda Can Pull Tabs

No, not “pop,” you friggen mid-westerners. SODA! This dragon was made entirely out of SODA, yes, SODA can pull tabs. Measuring 14 inches long and 8 inches tall, the Soda Can Pull Tab Dragon was produced by gluing an undisclosed number of pull tabs to each other with standard epoxy. The creator of the dragon named it shinkonryuu, and its ...

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Got Crabs?

No, no. Not the kind your ex-girlfriend gave you. Sheesh. The kind with the blue legs that taste delicious and melt in your mouth? Try again. Half-Life? No, no. That’s a headcrab. Guys and gals, I’m talking about the soda can crab. Look at this cute little bugger. Don’t you want to take him home and let him collect dust ...

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Metronome Synchronization

Not much is known about the above video, though it’s pretty fun to observe. A man has 5 metronomes going at once on a plank of wood. At one point, the plank is placed on top of two soda cans and the metronomes begin to sync up. I have no clue how this was done. Any ideas? Seems like a ...

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