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The Incredible Sock Matching Robot

With how frequently a single sock goes missing in my house, I’m not sure what good a sock matching robot would be, but the concept is a novel one. UC Berkeley researchers programmed the PR2 robot to not only match up pairs of socks, but to also flip the inside out socks back to their outside in form. The robot ...

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Super Mario Bros. Warp Zone Pipe Socks

Even Mario loves making some extra bling bling on the side. And that’s exactly what you get in those secret warp levels in Super Mario Bros. (if you’ve ever seriously played the game you know what I’m talking about). Just take a jump down the right pipe and profit. These excellent and super stylish Warp Zone socks remind you that ...

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Adult Swim Clothing Line Debuted

The gang over at Cartoon Network’s Williams Street team has branched out from animation with a new clothing line called Finer Things. Right now, there’s only three Adult Swim-related garments up for grabs but they’re pretty cool. For $75, you can get a pair of preppy golf pants with the Mooninites all over ’em. There’s also a Robot Chicken hoodie ...

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Ashi Dashi: Transform Your Feet

Gearfuse reader Kenneth Macy sent in his website where he creates unique designs that fit on your feet. It’s called Ashi Dashi and as you can see from some of the examples above, Kenneth is quite the creative guy. I love the socks that make your feet look like a couple of cigarettes and the pencil design is pretty cool ...

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Socks Anatomy

I have no idea why these are called “Socks Anatomy” instead of “Anatomy Socks” but hey, to each his or her own. These are some badass socks though. Designed by Anton Repponen, they resemble bone and muscle tissue from inside your body and should give off a pleasing aesthetic look when you try a pair on. Perfect for Halloween or ...

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Skeleton Socks

Halloween is upon us come the end of the month, folks. I hope you have a hell of a costume ready. I was going to go as Levi Johnston, the self-proclaimed “fuckin redneck” that knocked up Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter. That fell through so I might just go as a skeleton. I’ll already have the one up on the ...

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