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Slim Plugs Save You A Centimeter or Two

I always hated plugging electronics in behind furniture because the furniture is never able to be flat enough against the wall for my liking. For example, when I plug my phone charger in behind my bed, I’m forced to keep the head of my bed two inches from the wall, or else the plug would be knocked out of its ...

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Cord Plug Redesigned

One of the most dangerous things you do on a daily basis (besides drive your automobile) is fiddle with the power cords of home appliances. You never know when pulling that cord will result in a tear and a powerful shock that you’ll certainly remember. Good thing designer Kim Seung Woo has redesigned the standard power cord with a glow-in-the-dark ...

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Socket Deer or Dear Socket?

Here’s another way to clean up that cluttered mess of cords by your power outlet: outlet covers with deer antlers on them for holding gadgets while they charge. They can also be used like the ninja cord bunny and wrap up any loose wire laying around the floor. You could even go the extra mile and hang up your house ...

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DIY: Wooden Nixie Clock Kit On Ebay

Nixie clocks possess the subtlety of simplicity as well as a retro run-down look. The finished project looks fantastic but good luck trying to make it look like the picture. If you aren’t interested in assembling electronics, then there’s nothing simple about this DIY. For $150, you can have this 115-part set of tubes and socket pins sent to you ...

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