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DIY: Macro Photography Made Easily and On The Cheap

Check out this picture. What does it look like to you? If you guessed ballpoint pen, you’re correct. You win absolutely nothing because it wasn’t that difficult of a question to begin with and I’m not writing about a contest. However, if you’re into photography and want to be able to take macro photographs like the one shown above, there’s ...

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Snapshot Mirror Turns All Bad Hairdays Into The Polaroid From Hell

Celebrities who are followed by the paparazzi know best. You can’t always look your greatest when someone takes a candid snapshot of you and then darts away. The Snapshot Mirror at least gives you a little heads up on what you might look like if you were to be photographed. Resembling a typical Polaroid-style picture, the framing of the mirror ...

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WYSIWYG Translucent Cellphone concept

Don’t you hate that cellphone cameras always have a way of not capturing what you want them too? This WYSIWYG design concept phone might just be the key to ending camera phone woes. Sporting a totally translucent body, the WYSIWYG phone’s viewfinder is completely see-through, producing a no-hassle snapshot capability. Whatever is in the frame of the viewfinder is what ...

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Steve Jobs spotted using the iPhone in the wild

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was spotted in the wild using the still unreleased iPhone. Reports say that Jobs was seen yammering on the phone and listening to music at his kid’s soccer game. Flickr user, Thane, says this about his snapshot: Yes, the photo is for real, and yes it is an iPhone that he was talking on, or at ...

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