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Metal Gear Solid Touch Coming To iPhone Next Week

Solid Snake is gearing up for battle. He’s gotta head out for battle come next Thursday, March 19th as that’s the date Konami has set for the release of Metal Gear Solid Touch. You’ll be able to tap your way through scores of enemies and conduct tactical espionage action using only your middle finger. Expect it to come with a ...

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Water-powered Snakebot Firefighter Looks Like My Junk

We don’t get the chance to see many snakebots. There’s the Japanese M-Tran, a shape shifting robot, but that hardly counts as a snakebot. Anna Konda, however, is very much a snakebot. Despite looking and acting very similarly to a penis, Anna is really a firefighter. Anna has 20 joints, each with 33 degrees of freedom, giving it an extensive ...

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Snake In Student House Is Fun To Watch

Fun to watch, but not fun to play. Otherwise, the Nokia N-Gage might actually have been a success with their killer Snakes game. A student house in Poland used a microprocessor to control the lights in the building, which was then programmed to play Snake, Snakes, Rattler Race…whatever the hell you want to call it. Very cool. Now let’s see ...

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