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Smartphone Infographic Face Off!: iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo vs. Droid Incredible

With Steve Jobs’s unveiling of the iPhone 4 at yesterday’s WWDC, the modern smartphone battleground was just cranked up a notch. Apple’s newest launch into the mobile stratosphere has already spurred much speculation of which phone will ultimately win the smartphone battle. Looking at all of the stats, I don’t think there’s much competition. AT&T just needs to get their ...

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Cellphone Evolution Matryoshka Nesting Doll

Russia is known for two things. Commies and Matryoshka dolls. Over the years, there have been some super creative Matryoshka nesting dolls designed and displayed, and this set is one of the coolest I’ve seen. Instead of the typical pear shaped Russian broad, this Matryoshka set is composed of a visual evolution of the mobile phone. Starting from the days ...

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Wikipedia Mobile: Wikipedia Launches Mobile Optimized Site

It might have taken them nearly a decade to do so, but the most popular knowledge hub on the net, Wikipedia, has finally launched their official mobile optimized site. The newly launched mobile adaptation is supposed to be optimized for all “fully-featured” smartphones, including the Palm Pre, iPhone, Kindle and Android platforms. So far both English and German are supported, ...

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RIM Ditching Smartphones; Introduces BlackBerry Yogurt

In a sudden and shocking move by one of the leading mobility companies in the world, RIM has announced that they will be discontinuing all of their interests in the smartphone sector and will be focusing all of their efforts on their newest product, BlackBerry Yogurt. “The recession has put a considerable strain on the fledgling mobile industry, and competing ...

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San Francisco To Get Smart Parking Spaces

Not everyone wants to solve their parking problems by sacrificing their dignity and squeezing into one of those tiny urban cruiser cars. Luckily for San Francisco residents, the city is stepping in to try and help them avoid the parking crunch. As part of a $95.5 million program called SFPark, 6,000 of San Francisco’s 24,000 metered parking spaces are being ...

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