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Homemade iPhone 4 Costume Brings Retina Display to the Big Screen

Last year, John Savio, Apple fanboy and avid Halloween fan, created an iPhone 3GS costume that impressed the geek community. It was both a thing of beauty and yet somehow aesthetically ‘off.’ He incorporated a display that made the costume look like a functioning device, but the form factor was all wrong. The corners were too squared… the width too ...

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Holiday Inn Starts Testing Smartphones as Room Keys

A few months ago, Holiday Inn announced that they would be initiating a program that will turn your smartphone into a hotel room key. Over the last few weeks Holiday Inn hotels in Chicago and Houston have started to roll out the trial program which they call “MobileKey.” Participation in MobileKey, where available, is still optional, so it does allow ...

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The iPhone App Shirt: Why Is Everyone Poking Me?

If you wear this tee, you’re essentially asking to be poked all day. Like some sort of geeky Pillsbury Doughboy. Except when you get poked instead of giggling you let out a proud Wookiee roar. *insert phonetic Chewbacca growl here* I do wish you could create your own custom app page based on your favorite apps, but then again, I ...

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