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Three Sixty Table Spins Me Round and Round

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk. A similar saying can be said for skateboarders. If you give them parts, they will build some kind of rolling contraption out of it. In this case, the Three Sixty Table resembles a coffee table-sized lazy susan that can turn for serving. The catch? It ...

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Etnies and EA Create Skate 2 Shoe

Etnies is no stranger to the world of Pacific Sunwear and skating. Ryan has a pair of Etnies, I used to have a pair of Etnies and chances are, your mom had a pair of Etnies (you’re welcome!). For those of you who can skateboard in real life and own a next-gen console, you can score a pair of these ...

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Adult Swim Skate Shoes

Etnies is releasing two pairs of their Jameson skate shoes celebrating Cartoon Network’s stoner-friendly Adult Swim lineup. There’s a bright green model featuring the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and a more subdued brown pair etched with pictures of various Adult Swim characters. These Adult Swim Etnies were designed by the Cartoon Network creative team led by Jacob Escobedo. ...

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NoPattern Skate Decks

Colors and vectors and shapes, oh my! Chuck Anderson’s creations for NoPattern’s decks are incredible. Looking more like vector-based wallpaper for your computer than a skateboard deck, Anderson clearly pulled out the big guns for this series. At $55, they’re priced to move and will most likely sell out unless you hop all over ’em like a jackrabbit. Just don’t ...

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Cellphones, Charities and Extreme Sports

We talk about all three of the above topics here at Gearfuse. What better way to merge them all together than a charity auction being held for the Tony Hawk Foundation? If you head over to eBay right now, you’ll find the mother-load of charity auctions that features a DUB Edition Jeep Wrangler customized for Tony Hawk, VIP tix to ...

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