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Road Rash Inducing Fast

It may not be the hover board from Back To The Future but it’s almost as dangerous. The Altered Pro Module 600 wireless electric skateboard is the only skateboard guaranteed to get lady attention. With a wireless remote for controlling the acceleration and braking of the skateboard, who needs legs? It can go from 0-19 MPH in only four seconds ...

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Laser-Etched Deck = Great For Show

Lots of cool skateboard designs pop-up on the web, but these laser-etched skateboard decks are some of the coolest we’ve seen yet. Would you get one of these to ride it or would you just hang it on a wall and frame it? This is one piece of art deserving admiration towards its creativity at every glance. After the jump, ...

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A Skateboard That Would Make Plato Proud

Skateboarding isn’t for everyone, though Ryan is pretty decent at it. Take Tougher Than Leather – a Greek-inspired skateboard that is made to order from Greece Is For Lovers. Though it looks beautiful and the strap-in style deck is similar to snowboarding, I can see a lot of ankles getting twisted trying to pull off tricks on this board. They ...

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Photon Light Skateboard Reminds Us Why We Love Shiny Things

Whenever I see a skateboard, I can’t help but drift down memory lane to circa 1995, when me and my homies were chilling on the curb, sipping on Gatorade, trying to work out how to get our damn skateboards off the concrete without breaking our necks. Every time we tried to perform the simplest trick, we would fall on our ...

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Flowboard updates the skateboard for next-gen extreme sports

The mid-90s brought a popularity level of skateboarding into our culture, that no other extreme sport ever could. A mixture of more X-Games coverage and the fun-level of the Tony Hawk Skateboarding games, skaters are now a still a standard clique of high schools and burnouts. The Flowboard is the next-gen update of the Skateboard. With 7 wheels on each ...

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A Segway-like skateboard by Sony? Patent filed.

No real specifics, unless you want to wade through the murky waters that are patents. What is known is that  a patent (see link below) was filed by Sony and describes something that could be awesome, and it also has the possibility to fall flat on its face (or it could be you falling flat on your face if this ...

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