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Public Restroom Rules: Please, No Mortal Kombat

Public bathroom etiquette is common enough knowledge that most people probably don’t need signs to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong in the restroom and the people who do need the signs aren’t going to listen to them anyway. I’m pretty confident that signs like these will encourage bad bathroom behavior though rather then deter it. I have to ...

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In Case of Fire: DO NOT USE TWITTER!

Thank God for this sign because lord knows that if a fire were to break out, twittering about it would naturally be my first reaction. I know my priorities. Well… no matter. My shoes will do the tweeting for me. Link

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Too Creepy: Pharrell Williams Hand Candles

I’m not too sure how I feel about these realistic-looking candles that are molded after producer/rapper/fashionista Pharrell Williams throwing down Vulcan gang signs. Yes, Vulcan symbols. Odd, right? Even weirder is that these are candles and are limited edition. Who makes a limited edition candle? Do you buy two of each to ensure you can have one to show your ...

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