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Your Sierra Nevada IPA Will End Foreign Oil Dependency

That’s right. The next time you go to the bar and order a tall, cold Sierra Nevada (sponsor us!), drink it knowing that it’ll not only get you drunk but also that your efforts are not in vain. The California-based brewing company unveiled an initiative to convert beer waste into ethanol that can be used to power certain vehicles. Yeast, ...

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T-Mobile Launches New Sidekick

As you probably saw, T-Mobile has launched it’s latest Sidekick device. Also known as the “2008” model, the new Sidekick is probably the best yet. I’ve spent the past few weeks messing with one and it’s like a scrunched-up Sidekick LX with easy-to-hit buttons. I’ll have a full review for you guys next week, as well as a huge photo ...

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