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Space Invader Shower Curtain Saves the Universe as You Shave Your Taint

The universe is in peril and you have a front row seat. Thankfully for you, the universe can’t see you back. So go ahead, massage those balls, shave that asshole, we’re not looking. The Space Invader Shower Curtain adds a level of geekiness usually unseen in the bathroom, other than that one turd that sort of looked like Iron Man. ...

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Creepy Edward Cullen Shower Curtain

The reason ladies love Edward Cullen is clear. He’s the sort of guy you don’t mind longingly watching you take a shit. You too can have the hottest vampire of the moment staring at you as you trim your pubes. And only for $75. Link [via]

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Emoticon Shower Curtain: Is This Considered Voyeuristic?

As long as you don’t mind dozens of eyes watching you shower, this Emoticon Shower Curtain is a hell of a way to geek up your bathroom a bit. Emoticons are becoming a new language all their own. Might as well brush up on your grammatical skills while you wash your balls nuts testicles hair. Sorry to send you to ...

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