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Shot Glass Bandolier: Beware of Drunk Wookiees

If Chewbacca had known about this, he would have had no need to visit a cantina. The 36 Shot Glass Bandolier holds 36 bullet-shaped one-ounce shot glasses, each with their own lock caps. I’ve heard of fighting for you right to party, but this is ridiculous. At least this sort of explains how the whole Nazi-fighting squirrel-riding. Get your own ...

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Man Down!: Enigma Battleship Drinking Game

Do you feel like simultaneously learning naval war strategy and getting shit-faced? Enigma, the Battleship Drinking Game, designed by Mauricio Harion is the sure fire way to hone your Battleship skills, while competing to save as many brain cells as possible. Instead of “ships” your opponent tries to blast away your shot glasses, which you must drink. Whoever is still ...

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Animal Head Shot Glasses

Do me a favor, champ. Before you go out hunting today, have a shot of bourbon with me. You see, old chap, that bourbon warms the soul and brings luck about the hunt between man and beast. Ah, yes! There’s the burn! Don’t you love these campy shot glasses I picked up with animal head covers? There’s the bear, the ...

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Every Bartender/Alcoholic Needs A Whiskey Holster

Imagine a picturesque wild west town. It’s the late 1890s and the bars are hot, stale and empty. You and 5 of your amigos stroll in and order a round of whiskey shots, stat. How could you put the bartender under that kind of stress? The whiskey is clearly on the other side of the bar, next to the laser ...

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