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Paint By Numbers Toilet Paper

I wish I had a better excuse for why we post so many things related to toilets. I really do. But hey, who doesn’t love something related to a place we get to spend quality time at? This toilet paper is part of a promotional campaign from bag manufacturer Crumpler. 100,000 rolls of this stuff will be distributed, crass design ...

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Magic Apartment Light – What Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

Look at all of the nasty things going on in this apartment. Shitting, fucking, killing, stealing and even tripping are revealed when this magic apartment light is lit up. With the lights off, this house looks like nothing out of the ordinary, but flip the switch and you’re in for a big surprise. The things people do when I’m not ...

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Shitting and Knitting

This is a knitted roll of toilet paper. If you thought that was funny, look closely. It has eyes and a little mouth, thus giving life to an otherwise inanimate roll of wool. Want one? They aren’t for sale but lucky for you, creator Anna has whipped up a nice tutorial for knitters who’d like to make their own. Link ...

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