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Armchair / Bookshelf Become One

While bookshelves might one day soon be a thing of the past, especially if projections made by eBook companies ever come to pass, today they still serve a purpose. Not quite everyone is sold on the whole books without paper pages thing. And for those people, there’s the Tatik, a Armchair / Bookshelf hybrid which provides a stylish nook to ...

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Fold Out Mural Shelves

I’ve always loved designs with more than one use. Any more than three uses is pushing it. Then you are moving into kitsch territory. Mark Kinsley’s Fold Out Mural shelves are right in the sweet spot with two functions; looking pretty as a wall mural and folding out to provide some much needed shelving space. This would be an awesome ...

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Donkey Kong Shelves Are Worth the Asymmetry

Asymmetry is a big no-no in the world of interior design. But much like any other rule, there are exceptions. This Donkey Kong shelving idea is definitely not symmetrical, but the dash of gaming culture it adds is SO worth it. Anyway, the asymmetrical parts sort of cancel each other out. Am I right? It brings Donkey Kong from the ...

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Ultrashelf Commands You To Organize

What’s that? Did you say your sister-in-law is a decorator? Oh, that’s cute. Good to know, but see, I won’t be needing your services. No, no, my good pal Eva came by and I handed her $1100 and said “Organize my space!” Well after a trip to IKEA and several hours, she was done. The result is a living room ...

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Dyna-therms Connected, Infra-cells Up; Mega-thrusters Are Go!

When you’ve got more manga books than you know what to do with, you’ll need some solid bookends. How about these Voltron-themed bookends? It’s the Lion Force working hard to keep those books of yours in check. While I like the Star Wars bookends more, they happen to be sold out, so I’ll need an alternative I can fall back ...

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WTF?! of the Day: Gas Mask Shower Head

Nothing says “Damn, you stink and need a shower” quite like a shower head which needs a gas mask just to be in a confined space with you. The eyes of the gas masks face serve as mini-shelves to place all of your grooming supplies, such as a nail brush, shampoo, or a spatula. If it makes you feel uncomfortable ...

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