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Mario Kart: For Real

Meet Remi Gaillard. He’s a real Italian plumber (except he’s French). The kind that drives a go-kart in live traffic, throwing banana peels at those trying to pass him by in an attempt to thwart their course. Yes, this man is playing Mario Kart for real. A hilarious video that’s well made and fun to watch. Don’t miss out. Link ...

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Take A Load Off, Mr. Van Damme

Here’s a chair fit for a Marshall. Alexander Reh’s chair is called Fully Loaded and features a steel frame with 12-gauge shotgun shells. Not only does it look great, but you could easily use it to defend yourself in a hostage situation. And by hostage situation, I’m talking about how you kidnapped the Domino’s guy and the police have been ...

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T-Mobile Launches New Sidekick

As you probably saw, T-Mobile has launched it’s latest Sidekick device. Also known as the “2008” model, the new Sidekick is probably the best yet. I’ve spent the past few weeks messing with one and it’s like a scrunched-up Sidekick LX with easy-to-hit buttons. I’ll have a full review for you guys next week, as well as a huge photo ...

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