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Game Boy Macbook Cover

Game Boy isn’t in the Toy Hall of Fame for nothing. Its iconic image strikes feelings of nostalgia in even the most cold-hearted of geeks. Bring those memories everywhere you go with the Game Boy Macbook Cover. Not only does it protect your laptop from any dust and scuffs, but the memories make laptop transportation fun again. Even cooler, you ...

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Shark Attack Hat Stylishly Simulates The Death of Your Loved Ones

I gotta tell ya. I keep getting more and more convinced that I should take up knitting or sewing, or maybe both. But then I remember that I don’t wear my hair in a bun and my bowel movements are still consistently solid. Sorry, grandma. This awesome Shark Attack Hat makes reality look like a scene out of a low ...

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More Left 4 Dead Arts And Crafts

The tank is back. This time around he’s not throwing cars and crushing skulls with lifeless paper arms. No sir, this tank is born anew thanks to Craftster user windgie79 who crocheted Amigurumi dolls of the entire infected cast of Left 4 Dead for her husband. The witch, the hunter, the boomer, the tank, the smoker — that’s all of ...

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