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Friendly Beasts: Sesame Street Reexamined to Fit Nature’s Design

Once upon a time, Sesame Street was the epicenter of my childhood memories. But now, thanks to this new Friendly Beasts t-shirt design, any hope I had at retaining that nostalgia has been dashed. Friendly Beasts reexamines the beasts of Sesame Street as, well, pretty much what they are: beasts. These scientifically correct animal caricatures�reevaluate�everything we thought we knew about ...

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USB Crunching Elmo: Because Elmo is Fat

I hate to dis on the red dude, but let’s be honest, Elmo has always carried a little extra weight. That’s what makes him so ticklish and cuddly. Well it seems that Elmo is sick of the fat jokes. The USB Crunching Elmo allows you to plug Sesame Street’s favorite little fat boy into your USB port so Elmo can ...

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Sesame Street Duct Tape Wallets

Here’s a DIY I’d like you to see It’s something that’ll make you happy Wallets with faces made from duct tape The Count is there but now he doesn’t have his cape Cookie Monster always eats a lot Elmo looks like he’s been smoking pot Bert and Ernie will get lost in your couch And no one wants to buy ...

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Nom Nom Nom Earrings

Are you a good parent? Ask yourself that question right now. If you didn’t take your child to Piercing Pagoda by the age of 6, I recommend seriously considering seeking professional help. I mean, think of how cool earrings are. All the rad people, like Rod Stewart, Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty, wear them! If you’re in the market for ...

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