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The Web Trend Map

Sometimes our lives become controlled by what we do online. This rings true for many of you I’m sure and especially myself. You have Facebook with its constant addiction, Twitter, Tumblr, Wikipedia and Google. Thousands of services keep us connected, but have you ever wondered how they’re all interconnected? This Web Trend map from The Information Architects resembles a subway ...

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Google In Talks To Buy Twitter

It was bound to happen. Google loves a big player on the Internet (Youtube, Blogger, etc.) and has plenty of cash in its war chest to spend. Word is that Google and Twitter are currently in the beginning stages of talks about a buyout from Google. The expected value hasn’t been revealed but you can bet it’ll be somewhere between ...

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Google Unveils Offline Gmail

Google continues to inspire and amaze. The Mountain View, California-based company unveiled yesterday the ability to read and compose Gmail while offline. It’s available through the Google Labs feature within Gmail and when activated, starts downloading 10,000 emails to the user’s hard drive using Google Gears technology. Once finished, you’ll be able to search for emails and read them, as ...

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Craigslist Rids Itself Of Hooker Infestation

When I’m browsing through Craigslist, I’m not looking for a new roommate or a new job. I’m looking for a hummer. Unfortunately for me, Craigslist has reached an agreement with 40 state AGs and has decided to tame its infamous ?erotic services? listings. Sucks to be the guy looking for “quality” prostitutes online. When the Attorney General of Connecticut sent ...

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Unlock Your T-Mobile G1 With Ease

Here is how I unlocked my G1 Android phone in 10 mins check here how to unlock it. worked fine for me http://www.unlock-tmobileg1.com The hacker community has a true passion for unlocking cellphones and I whole-heartedly support it. It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to unlock the G1 and who would have guessed that ...

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Yahoo! Redeems Itself

Remember how Yahoo fucked you out of all your music by shutting down its DRM server and not giving you any reimbursements? Well, it has rightfully decided to reimburse its paying customers. Turns out Yahoo feels bad for screwing customers over. Nice of Yahoo! Music to consider the folks who keep its workers from going hungry. Yahoo, in return for ...

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