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Make Your Own Ball Bearing Sequencer

In the latest issue of MAKE, there are instructions for a DIY project that is long overdue. If you’re into creating digital music, by now you’ve surely seen the video of a ball bearing sequencer on YouTube. You haven’t? Well watch the above video and you’ll be brought up to speed. Essentially, you move the metal balls around to different ...

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Automaton AU/VST Plugin

If you’re familiar with the Game of Life then Automaton will seem familiar to you. Using the rules as the Game of Life, it instead sequences and generates music along with FX, which is perfect for any of you producing atrocious techno. Random squelches, blips, beeps and then some are all included with Automaton. Just use your favorite DAW like ...

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You Order The Big Box O’ Techno?

Found on MAKE, this “Big Box o’ Techno” is a box the size “of a medium pizza” that includes two synths, a drum machine and a sequencer. Essentially, it’s all you need to kick out the hot jams. Think it’s simple MIDI and some batteries? Think again. Everything in the box plays in synchronized rhythm. A whole-note tempo clock input ...

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Get A BlinkM-Smart LED, Today

If you’re LED crazy, you won’t find a cooler LED anywhere else. The BlinkM-Smart LED is king over all other LEDs. It’s able to drastically change color and using BlinkM Sequencer, software that fuses a color picker with a drum machine, it can blink and fade in nearly any pattern. Make it flicker like a candle or flash like a ...

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