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New Wolfenstein Game Will Be Fuehrer Free

Adolf Hitler won’t be making an appearance in the newest installment of the classic WWII-themed Wolfenstein video game series. For those of you who are under 21, Wolfenstein is a Nazi shoot ’em up game that’s widely recognized as the godfather of the first person shooter genre. Wolfenstein 3D, which was released in 1992 featured Hitler as an evil boss, ...

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10 Video Game Sequels That Surpass Their Predecessor

Hey, not all sequels suck! Forget about Speed 2: Cruise Control, that movie was garbage. We’ve grouped together a few sequels of well known video game titles that prove that the game industry isn’t disintegrating year after year. Hit the jump to catch the nostalgia:

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LucasArts unveils Fracture, the Earth changing shooter

LucasArts, in conjunction with Day 1 Studio, has announced their newest addition to the gaming world with the new brand, Fracture, which is sure to have a slew of sequels in the future. The main unique feature of the new game will be something called Terrain Deformation, which will be a nifty little gadget to change the land to aid ...

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