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So that’s what the inside of a SanDisk SD Card looks like!

If pictures of ravaged, dismantled gadgets makes you feel squeamish, you might want to go to another, more tame post. This poor SD card was ravaged by the owners dog after it was spooked by a pet parrot flying out of its cage. In a disastorous turn of events, the owners SD Card fell to the ground, at which time ...

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iAlbum lets you transfer photos directly from your camera to your iPod

      Apple has done a gorgeous job integrating the iPod to be compatible with both PCs and Macs. But one feature that would be cool to have that PC users might find difficult, is directly transferring photos from a SD card directly to your iPod’s drive. There are ways to do it, whether it be through syncing (which ...

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Pro Viewer Binocular Camera: Now take photos while you peep!

Here is every 15 year old peeping toms dream. A set of binoculars that lets you take photos of whatever you happen to be staring at. Whether it be trees and nature or your neighbor’s window, the Pro Viewer gets the job done. The binoculars feature a 8x non-digital zoom and a 2.1 mega pixel camera with a resolution of ...

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