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Google Android Netbooks Hit China

Looking to get your hands on a netbook with some official Android goodness? While the US manufacturers haven’t caught on yet, China’s Skytone certainly has and would love to offer you the Alpha-680 netbook for about $100. It comes in white, black, yellow, pink and red. 3G, Ethernet, Wifi and USB ports are all included to get you connected and ...

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Win Sandisk SD Cards On YouTube

If you love gadgets, there’s no doubt that you love memory cards just as much. After all, your digital camera, laptop, MP3 player and hundreds of other gizmos use them. Now what if I said you could win some free SD cards just by shooting a video for YouTube? Thus is the point of SanDisk’s Point and Shoot Film Festival. ...

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The Camera You Can Roll Under Any Skirt

This might look like a miniature Death Star but, in actuality, it’s a top secret spy cam. The DVR CamBall is the first ever digital video camera and MP3 player that’s as small as a ping-pong ball and able to record at 320240 or 640480 resolutions. What better way to sneak a camera into top-secret facilities than to roll it ...

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Optimus Pultius: The Numpad Of Maximus Keyboards

Can’t afford an Optimus Maximus? Don’t feel bad, I can’t either. And anyone who can afford it didn’t get rich buying $1600 keyboards. Art Lebedev has announced a numpad-like keypad called the Optimus Pultius. The keyboard comes packed with 15 OLED keys, an SD card slot and a USB hub. It’ll look great alongside the Maximus you don’t own or ...

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SD to mini-SD adapter, not the other way round

SD to mini-SD, you heard that right and this is no boo. Diatec Japan will start selling this converter that with a line hanging out of any gadget’s mini-SD slot with a cradle at the end for you to shove in the large SD cards. This is really useful when you try to migrate data between your phones, PDAs and ...

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