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USB Privacy Mouse Hides Porn, Money Laundering Evidence

Most guys under oath wouldn’t even admit to looking at porn at the office, but it happens. We know it happens. It’s one of those don’t ask, don’t tell type of things. No matter how many people there are who look at porn, or who are just plain goofing off on company time, there is always the risk that you ...

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Saitek Obsidian Mouse for clickless scrolling

  With news of Apple’s patent for a touch controlled mouse, other similar concepts and releases are jumping out from the drawing boards. Saitek has released its Wireless Obsidian Mouse which features a touch scroll wheel along with a high-precision 1000dpi optical sensor that operates through RF. The mouse also comes with a USB dock for charging and a spare ...

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SliMouse is finger food sized

The portable mouse became a huge commodity once WiFi led the notebook market to explode. Then came the popularity of the wireless mouse. Now, here comes the EXTRA portable mouse. This thing is so small it should be called the baby mouse since it seems like an offspring of its big sister (which would technically be incest). The finger sized ...

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