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Is This Screenshot Proof of iTunes 9 Social Networking Integration?

According to BGR, this screenshot taken from Facebook shows the upcoming social networking interaction offered by iTunes 9, expected to be announced at Apple’s September 9, 2009 special event. While the screenshot clearly shows notifications for new songs added to the iTunes library and the creation of a playlist, I wonder how far Apple has gone with the social interaction. ...

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PSP Go Revealed in Leaked Shots from Qore

Hey, hey Sony gamers. Looks like the Playstation team has let one slip. Originally scheduled for an E3 unveil, screenshots and video clips of the PSP Go have been revealed early by Qore magazine. Above you will see the PSP Go in all of its glory in a apparent screenshot from the magazine. There’s also a video floating around of ...

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I need not tell you how we feel about the Nintendo Wii here at Gearfuse. All I’m saying is that this screenshot from the game Excitebots is making me crack up this morning. “SUPER SANDWICH?” Seriously? Link

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Running 150 Apps On A MacBook Pro At One Time

What would it look like if you were running 150 separate applications at once on a MacBook Pro, and is it even possible? Probably something like this. The owner of this 2.2 GHz MacBook Pro with 4 GB of RAM (the same notebook I have) claims that he can run all of his 150 applications at once, with the computer ...

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PS3 ads in Xbox 360 game: Too friggen funny

Microsoft can’t cut themselves a break these last few days. They haven’t really been doing a good job of helping that fact either. In this preview screenshot from the recently announced UEFA Xbox 360 game, an add for the Playstation 3 can be plainly seen in the background. Microsoft probably should of scoped out the UEFA’s sponsers before signing on ...

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