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3D Holographic Video coming to a TV near you

A technology that scientists didn’t expect to pop-up for a decade or so is showing its face early. SeeReal Technologies is working on developing a 3D holographic display technique which wouldn’t require any funny-looking glasses to watch. The holographic system would follow the watchers eyes and produce the holographic effect accordingly. Holographic display reconstructs a “scaled-down” natural scene. So it ...

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Nokia Scentsory Cellphone: Can you smell me now? Good

Scientists have been trying to create a reliable smell-o-vision for decades, but no one seems to be able to get it right. The Nokia Scentsory Cellphone concept claims to be able to allow you to associate a smell and feel to your contacts. Its unique paper airplane style folded design makes this concept a unique addition to the cellphone design ...

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Robot reveals how fish first slithered to shore

Not much is known about the early evolution of our fishy ancestors and their quest to coming above water, leading to dinosaurs, and eventually us humans. Scientists believe they have come a step closer to understand how our fishy relatives might have “crawled” ashore, with the help of a salamander-like robot. The 33-inch-long robot was chosen to resemble a salamander, ...

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