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IV Drips Are The New Oxygen Bars

Over in Japan, people do crazy shit. I’d use different terminology for sure if we were talking about, say, Las Vegas. But Japan is always changing the game with new technology and wacky ideology. The latest craze to hit the land of the rising sun is Drop-in IV Drip Therapy, a service offered through TenTeki10, a company I don’t have ...

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Science Lab Lighting: Be A Mad Scientist Without Majoring In Chemistry

Chemistry was always my worst science subject. I was always more of a physics guy. For whatever reason, I could never grasp the periodic table, which sadly put a damper on my dream of becoming a mad scientist. You soon realize that having crazy hair just isn’t enough. So you don’t have a home laboratory for designing your diabolical compounds? ...

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Scientists Using Macbooks To Detect Earthquakes In The OC

Scientists are predicting that in 30 years, California is going to get seriously twisted. Now I’m not talking about having one too many shots of Patron here; I’m talking about horrific natural disasters known as earthquakes. Lucky for Apple fanboys living out west, your Macbook may end up saving the lives of thousands of people.A team of researchers from the ...

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Elementeo: The Chemistry Card Game That Blinds You With Science

Every single object in our universe is composed of an infrastructure of elements, yet many children are not retaining the information which tells us the building blocks of the universe. Elementeo is a card game created by a 14-year old whiz kid, hell bent on teaching chemistry in an effective and fun fashion. Much like games such as Magic: The ...

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Bird’s Ass View Is The New Bird’s Eye View

Here is another case of birds being tortured by humans in the name of tech. A research team at the University of Oxford is trying to get a better idea of how crows behave in the wild. And what better way to accomplish this than to attach cameras near its ass. The ass camera already discovered that crows use tools, ...

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Non-stick toilet means no clean-up for 3 months!

We have non-stick glue, non-stick pan, today we have non-stick toilets, thanks to the Japanese material scientists at Matsushita (Panasonic/National). The secret is that they’re using resin-based materials instead of the usual clay. During an interview with Mr Sakai from Matsushita, we learned that their team had spent more than a year to research on resin modification, in order to ...

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