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SETI keeps looking up

The search for extraterrestrial life is serious science: its methods are precisely documented, its results painstakingly peer-reviewed. But at the same time it�s a field with curious standards when it comes to �advances.�

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Back to the zone

I'm eager to see Monsters, Gareth Edwards' film about a man escorting a woman through a zone made deadly by the after-effects of an alien invasion. But wait�that film was made before!

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Corporate Sci-Fi: the Luna Ring

The Tokyo-based Shimizu Corporation is one of the world's leading construction and engineering contractors. It's also a prolific producer of corporate science fiction: fanciful, high-concept design projects that offer glimpses of astonishing futures. Its "Luna Ring" envisions such a future for the moon�and for Shimizu.

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The “Create Your Own Sci-Fi Movie Monster” T-Shirt

Feel the wrath of Sharktopus! Fear the coming of Cyber Yeti! Wait a second, we’ve already seen an Arachnodroid. In fact, we’ve seen a few. The Science Fiction TV-Movie Title Generator t-shirt encourages the creation of horrible and hysterical hybrids of which the likes have never been seen. I mean Raptorsquito? Really? Malaria with a bite! Ok, ok, I’m sorry. ...

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Vintage Postcards Get a Taste of Science Fiction

There’s nothing that can’t be made more exciting by adding robots and aliens. That definitely includes boring, old vintage postcards. Flickr user Frano Brambilla uploaded a set of manipulated photos, featuring vintage post card scenes with a little added zesty flavor of sci-fi. There’s nearly 30 of these shots over at Flickr.

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