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It Wasn’t A Bad Dose, Dude! It Really Is The Aurora Borealis In Santa Monica

Santa Monica recently held its first GLOW festival on July 19th, an all-night event of media art, performances, music, and sculpture. The most memorable of all was perhaps Usman Haque�s art installation called Primal Source. It looks like a smaller-scale northern lights, being made up of a large water spray screen that projects light patterns aided by the perfect backdrop ...

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Disappoint Your Daughter With The Ridemaster Pro Simulator

If you’ve grown up with young women in your household, you’ve more than likely have heard one of them begging Santa or the super flying Rabbi for a horse or a pony. Santa will usually assure the child that he’ll do his best but when Christmas comes along, there is no horse under the tree. The little girl loses all ...

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