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Korg microSAMPLER: Take the Show on the Road

I’m Mixmaster GEARhead and I’m here to say, I use the microSAMPLER ev-ery-day. Not really, but I would if I could afford it! Specifically designed for taking your show on the road, the microSampler is a compact and portable sampling keyboard. And it’s made by Korg, so it’s gotta be good. Grab samples from an in-line, the built-in gooseneck mic ...

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Abelincoln Live Sampler

[google -5886100544585004545[/embed] You absolutely have to check out the above video with audio on. The crude device is called the Abelincoln Live, which is surely a pun on the popular sequencing software Ableton Live. It’s a sampler, so you can do a lot of fun, noisy things with it. Utilizing three voice recorder units and a passive 3-channel mixer, Abelincoln ...

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