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Sad Keanu in LEGO Form

Have you ever felt so depressed that you felt inanimate? Sad Keanu does. He’s so deep in the dumps that he can barely move. Wait, he can’t move at all! This Sad Keanu was crafted out of LEGO bricks. Presented on the floor of BrickCon 2010. If the Sad Keanu papercraft monitor guardian wasn’t enough to keep you as depressed ...

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Your Very Own Sad Keanu

As far as papercraft goes, this isn’t the most artistic creation we’ve ever seen. But for those of you who are as artistically-challenged as I am, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This simple print-and-cut DIY allows you to have your very own Sad Keanu computer monitor companion. A pair of scissors and a piece of tape should get the ...

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