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Flying Penis! Duck!

Perhaps the greatest use of a remote controlled device in history: a flying penis flew into the middle of a speech from former chess master and Russian political activist, Garry Kasparov. It seems someone took the time to turn an RC helicopter into a flying cock. After the security guard swatted it to the ground, Kasparov says, “I think we ...

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Wash Your Mouth Out With Gmail

Some of the spam e-mail I receive makes me feel so raunchy that I need to take a shower to rinse myself of the debauchery. Perhaps I’d be able to cleanse my e-mail demons more thoroughly with this Gmail Soap spotted in Russia. Translated to English, the Russian text reads something like “the purest soap”. And for the most part, ...

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Russian Computer Program Fakes It! Online Flirting, That Is

Those of your who turn to the Internet for match making might want to be on the lookout, for the next “woman” you are talking to might just be a program designed to flirt. A Russian website called CyberLover.ru is advertising software that can simulate chatroom flirt exchanges. And we aren’t talking about those bots that are all like “14/f ...

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This Fire Truck Can Really Haul Ass

Actually, it’s not so much a ‘fire truck” as it is a “fire Porsche Cayenne S”—and it was spotted on the streets of Moscow. I suppose it could be used as a quick response vehicle, but my guess is that the FD picked it up so they would look cooler than the cops. More pictures after the jump.

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PS3 living large in Russia

This PS3 ad seen in Russia proves Sony’s drive to improve world wide sales. This thing is huge. The billboard displays a straight message. It reads, translated from Russian “Playstation 3: The gaming spaces of Russia”. For such a vast country, we guess you need a vast ad campaign. And Sony seems to be pulling out all the stops.

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Monaco Nokia 8800: ISSE Russia Special Edition

The Monaco Nokia 8800 stands out like the other Nokia special editions have. ISSE from Russia designs this 8800 permutation with sleek colors and shimmering jewels set into the face of the phone. ISSE is known for their jewelery design, which really shows on the Monaco. The luxury wristwatch like jewel design adds a certain grace to the phone that ...

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