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Pocket Knife / Ruler Combo Allows You Measure Your Stab Wounds

In this cut-for-cut world, where every average gangster and granny is packing a blade, you’ve gotta defend your own. This Pocket Knife / Ruler combo gadget lets you not only do some serious stabbing, but lets you easily measure your stab wounds on the way to the hospital. Doctors always love it when you come prepared. Link [via]

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Old School Wooden Ruler With Digital Display

People need to measure stuff. There’s no denying that. And to the best of my knowledge, doctors still aren’t removing splinters out of your schlonger for free. So it is with a great relief that the old school wooden ruler has finally wizened up and gotten itself a digital display. Push down on the edge of the device� to mark ...

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Lucky Ruler Ignores The Existence Of 13

Some people are superstitious to the point of delusion. Such as, last time I saw a black cat walk my path, I had some fried cat kabobs for dinner. It was simply the only way. The Lucky Ruler goes to the extreme of ignoring the existence of the unlucky number 13.

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