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Robotic Vacuum Paths Mapped and Compared with Long Exposure Photography

When the Roomba first hit the market, everyone was like “Hey, now THIS is a gimmick I can buy into!” Roomba isn’t the only robovac on the market anymore though. In fact, quite a crowd has gathered. These photos compare three of the most popular robotic vacuums on the market, showing their paths through the power of long exposure photography. ...

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Roomba Pac-Man Game Makes Me Vacuum More Than Once a Year

I’ve never claimed to be the most hygienic blogger among us, nor have I claimed to vacuum my humble apartment as regularly as I should, but I imagine if I had a cleaning rig like this, I might just set-out to clean my home at least once a week. Utilizing five different Roombas instead of only one, which we’ve seen ...

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Turn Your Roomba Into a Horny Toad

Mmm, I’m not sure how I feel about this “mod” for the Roomba. While the furry cover for the vacuum is welcome, the strange look this toad has on its face is somewhat like the Mona Lisa’s smile: creepy and mysterious. That’s probably ’cause it’s made with real glass eyes. I get the whole toad thing, but how come I’m ...

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Roomba Turned Pac-Man

Some Japanese kid used his incredible smarts and made himself a real Pac-Man from a Roomba. 448 LED lights scatter the top surface of the robot, emulating Pac-Man’s movements and chomps. He even included the old-school sound effects too! The vacuum can be controlled via Bluetooth, allowing for an impressive wireless display of gaming. Too bad it probably becomes the ...

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