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Make Sushi The Easy Way: Roll It Yourself

You could go through all of the trouble of learning how to roll your own sushi rolls, spending months mastering the art, or you could take the easy way out, get one of these nifty sushi rollers designed by Osko+Deichmann and be eating in no time. The latter sounds good to me, thank you very much. This contraption kind of ...

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Rollercoaster For Bikes, Sign Waver Prior To Riding

Think you’re hardcore? Think again. Swedish artist and designer Anders Jakobsen aka Lagombra has created a bicycle rollercoaster for the MU Art Foundation in Eindhoven. Made up of raw wood and scaffolding the coaster is reminiscent of a series of toppled dominoes. The tracks highest peak nearly hits two meters and dares riders to risk their necks for nothing more ...

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